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Piaget's Four Stages of Development Essay

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I choose the scenario about the baby and the educator. This is how I interpreted it: The educator believed that the baby was falling behind in relation to his developmental stage, maybe based on Piaget’s four stages of development. This prompted the educator to place the baby in a situation where he was to ‘learn to become independent’. The baby seemed to feel scared and overwhelmed by the situation he was placed in and made that evident to the educator by crying excessively, to the point that the educator had to justify why she had left him there “he needs to learn to be independent” (Mac Naughton, 2003, pp.51).

Educator’s perspective

The educator believed that the baby was unable to be left alone and that he needed to learn how to become independent. Based on the constructivist’s theory, it is thought that a child’s learning is based on doing and trial and error to build on their existing knowledge to create new knowledge. “we learn through our own actions of taking in information, working with that information and turning it into new understandings or linking it to what we already know” (Mac Naughton, 2003, ). The educator in this scenario obviously believed that this baby was only going to learn to be independent if left alone for a period of time. Although the constructivist theory is based on a child learning from his or her own active participation and actions, they also believe that learning relies on social interactions to create concrete knowledge “learning is only meaningful if we own it” (Mac Naughton, 2003, pp.41).

The educator in this scenario took on more of a Piagetian view of constructivism (individual constructivists), who believed that “adults (educators) play a non-directive role in a child’s learning” (Ma...

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...ght she was making an enjoyable, sound environment for the baby to be happy, content and be able to learn to become independent. By taking to the power role, not thinking about how the baby felt in the situation and by assuming the baby would just ‘learn’ to become independent by being alone has shown that their relationship will be limited on the baby’s behalf as he would feel neglected and distanced from the educator which could result in mistrust towards her.

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