Essay on Piaget 's Theory Of Social Behavior

Essay on Piaget 's Theory Of Social Behavior

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Piaget’s Theory
On August 9, 1896, Jean Piaget was born into this world not knowing he was going to be such an influence on the educational world today. “It is possible to give a rough definition of Piaget’s principal scientific concerns in a single sentence: he is primarily interested in the theoretical and experimental investigation of the qualitative development of intellectual structures” (Flavell, 1963, p. 15). Piaget was a theorist who placed an emphasis on the development of social behavior and nature as they contributed to cognitive development. When looking at cognitive development, you are focusing on problem-solving and how it develops throughout childhood.
Piaget was a major believer in children adapting to their environment. “Piaget’s classic theoretical model describing how people gather, organize, and adapt to new information from the environment is a standard in most current educational or developmental psychology courses and texts” (Nichols). There are two different ways children, today, can become accustomed to the environment. The first one is assimilation which means adding information into what you already know. The opposite of it is accommodating to information. When children are accommodating to new information, they are adding new folders to their schema allowing them to increase their knowledge.
According to Jean Piaget, children develop through a sequence of stages starting from infancy through adulthood. He believed that children’s minds had to mature and could not take on certain tasks until they are mentally developed enough to do so. The first stage he determined was the sensory motor stage, which occurs in children from birth to age two. In this stage, Piaget’s ideas are focused on how children...

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...ion in children have affected research, curriculum planning, preschool programs, and many other areas of psychology and education today” (Pulaski, 1971, p. x).

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