Essay on Piaget 's Stages Of Cognitive Development

Essay on Piaget 's Stages Of Cognitive Development

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Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development
How human children’s intelligence develops as they go through their adolescent stages in their early life has been a wonder to many researches and theorists. Jean Piaget is a stage theorists which means that he believes that there are a series of four main qualitatively different periods (or stages) that children go through in a certain and stable order and that any information or experiences that they gain in one stage is going to stay with them and prepare them for their next one. Piaget believes that children are active participants in their own development from stage to stage and that they construct their own mental structures through their interactions with their environments that begin just shortly after birth. In Piaget’s words, a child’s mental structures are the building blocks of their cognition and intelligence. (Galotti, 2014) He also believes that what can help children move through the stages are schemes (being a structure for something), assimilation (integration of external elements), and accommodations (internal changes of structures).
The Sensorimotor Stage
Piaget’s first stage of cognitive development is the sensorimotor stage which occurs from birth until around eighteen to twenty-four months of age of the child. At this point in life, infants can only experience the world through sensory and motor experiences and their knowledge is solely gained through sensations or actions that they experience. When an infant is born, Piaget believes that they lack the capacity for mental representation and thus must experience everything in the present as it is presented in front of them. (Galotti, 2014) With this being said, this means that infants are constituted as being ...

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...n personal experiences. (Galotti, 2014) Along with this, they can begin to see inconsistencies in their own thinking’s along with the new ability to completely understand someone else’s perspective and point of view.
Every child is born with these small and minute reflexes that begin to develop and change throughout their experiences in the world. Through each of Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, there are limitations set on the child because of the mental capacities that the child encompasses. Every child will go through these stages differently but one will never back track or go out of order. Because of the world that we live, and our constantly changing surroundings, environments, and cultures, there is never a point in which an individual is fully done developing cognitively. We will always have limitations that we have to overcome.

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