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Piaget 's Six Stages Of Development Essays

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The theory that has always interest me is the cognitive theory, pioneered by Jean Piaget. It is a theory based on the idea that an individual 's thought processes and the way those processes affect the person 's understanding of the world. Piaget 's cognitive theory determines how this understanding, and expectations it creates, affects the individual 's attitude, beliefs, and behavior. His theory on Cognitive Development in a nutshell explains the way biology influences how children conceptualize and deal with tasks at different stages while growing up. Piaget 's theory focuses more on how children 's behavior changes as they grow and how the children interact with their environment.

Piaget 's six stages of development
Piaget maintained that there are four major changes of cognitive development. Each stage is age related, and has structural features that permits certain types of knowing and understanding.

1. Sensorimotor stage (birth-2years old): this is the stage that the child knows the world through their senses and motor abilities; their understanding of objects is limited to their sensory experience of them and the immediate actions to play with the objects. According to Piaget, once they enter toddlerhood, children experiment with objects to see how it works; this is an experience-based kind of early intelligence.
2. Preoperational stage (2-6 years old): preschool children start to think symbolically; that is, they think about and understand objects using mental processes that are independent of immediate experiences. This reflects in their ability to use language, to think of past and future events, and to pretend. However, toddlers cannot think logically in a consistent way, and their reasoning is s...

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...e occurs with new experiences. Take for example stage 4 of Tranthoretical model and stage 4 of cognitive theory, both stages requires changes in thinking to achieve something. In a nutshell, both theories emphasize on change, however, it has to occur under the right conditions. They may present differently, but they both capture an individual 's temperament, personality and genetics as they by driven by change in behavior.
To conclude, theories in the field of psychology are continually being modified by research findings, they provide an up to date summary for our information about human behavior. So therefore, behavioral theories are never completed, since modernized theories are emerging and give rise to new questions. Theories are important in the clinical setting because it ask the important and relevant questions as well as lead us to useful answers.

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