Piaget 's Four Stages Of Reasoning Skills Essay example

Piaget 's Four Stages Of Reasoning Skills Essay example

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Piaget’s four stages of reasoning skills are the sensorimotor stage, the preoperational stage, the concrete operational stage and the formal operational stage. During the sensorimotor stage we are limited to what is called direct contact. This is sucking, touching, listening, looking ect. We have not even noticed that we have toes. The preoperational stage we are able to begin using symbols. During this stage we still do not know the meaning of size, speed or actions. We are beginning to learn how to count and say our ABC’s, but do not know the meaning behind them. Next is the concrete operational stage. At this time we are now learning what size, actions, speed, numbers and words mean. Last, but not least we have the formal operational stage. During this stage we can speak about thoughts, come to a conclusion and understand rules to solve a problem. At this stage we can look at a picture of slave that maybe we were shown during the concrete stage and have a better understanding of what happened during this period.
When George Herbert Mead speaks about “take the role of the other” he means that we put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. This does not mean we literally put on someone’s shoes, but means that we learn what it is to be that person or what it takes to do that individuals job. An example I can use here is when someone that is rich looks down on someone that is trying their best to provide for his/her family. If that person would live in the life of the one that is struggling they would have a better understanding of how this person feels every day and why they continue to do what they do. When we step into our significant others shoes or life we can find out what they go through day by day to try and provide the best li...

... middle of paper ... Well because of this my niece began getting into a lot of trouble when she got into high school and even after graduating. She can’t hold a job because she does not know what it is like to have to work. She talks back to my sister because my sister never punished her that much and when she did she would later feel bad and then unpunished her, this may have been at the most 2 to 3 days. After removing the punishment my sister would take my niece shopping and buy her whatever she wanted in a way of saying I am sorry for getting onto you. This has now lead to a problem because my niece still believes that she should get anything and everything she wants no matter the cost. I guess what I am really trying to say it does not matter how you are brought up because your ways of raising your children may change and be totally different from those that you grew up knowing.

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