Piaget Of Child Development And Thinking Essay

Piaget Of Child Development And Thinking Essay

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One would be hard pressed to find a study from the decades since the 1960’s on the
subject of child development and thinking that does not even in passing refer to the work of Jean
Piaget. Piaget like theorists such as Montessori, and Rousseau believed that children pass
through general periods of development; within their cognitive development. Piaget’s theories on
this cognitive development of the child were first published in the 1936, in The Origins of
Intelligence in Children. This work still remains the foundation that all subsequent studies and
investigations in the formation of the intellect of the child.
Piaget recognized children pass through four periods of development, sensori-motor
intelligence period; lasting from birth to two years of age. Preoperational thought from the age of
two to seven years, concrete operations lasting between the years of seven to eleven; last period,
that of formal operations, from the age of eleven lasting into adulthood.
In the preoperational period, the child learns to think, use symbols and internal images.
Their thinking during this period is unsystematic and illogical; very much differing from that of
adults. Piaget was unlike many scholars have assumed was not a maturationist, while
maturationists believe in stage sequences wired into the genes, which occur from an inner
timetable. Piaget did not think of his stages as genetically determined, Piaget also did not believe
a child’s thinking to be shaped from adult teachings nor environmental influences; he believed
that children must interact with the environment to develop, but that it they themselves not the
external environment that develops their cognitive ability.

The preoperational period is one marked by a major change within th...

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With children over the age of three, Piaget preferred both child and teacher directed
classrooms, curriculum and classrooms are age specific, researched based, hands on method of
teaching that is modified to each child’s individual needs. Role play and realistic social
experiences encouraged, has the love and logic approach to redirection as a disciplinary tool,
freedom to move about the classroom and explore while having scheduled circle times.
Montessori, with children over the age of three, preferred child directed only, with
children of various ages in the same classroom. Unstructured and flexible teaching method,
learning individually with less social experiences of learning is allowed. Self-education through
self-correcting, no specific disciplinary tool, no set in stone scheduled learning times and quiet
setting is encouraged at times of lunch and snack.

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