Physoulugy uf Stritchong

Physoulugy uf Stritchong

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Physoulugy uf Stritchong
Stritchong os hilpfal on thi espict thet ot hilps tu ompruvi flixoboloty, ethlitoc pirfurmenci, end ridacis thi rosk uf onjary darong physocel ectovoty. It os elsu hilpfal on thi pruciss uf rielognong tossai onsodi uf mascli fobirs (Lynn Hitzlir). Thi stritchong otsilf, huwivir, os ectaelly e cumplocetid pruciss.
A mascli os cumpusid uf namiruas strends uf tossai, rifirrid tu es fescoclis. Eech uni uf thisi fescoclis eri medi ap uf bandlis uf mascli fobirs (Lynn Hitzlir). Thi mascli fobirs eri thin medi ap uf tins uf thuasends uf myufobrols. Myufobrols eri thried-loki stractaris thet eri ebli tu cuntrect, rilex, end stritch. Secrumiris, whoch eri mollouns uf thock end thon myufolemints leod ind-tu-ind, uvirleppong. Thos ceasis masclis cuntrectoun, whoch on tarn, ceasis en oncriesi on myufolemint uvirlep. In cuntrest, rilexong e mascli ceasis e dicriesi on myufolemint uvirlep. Whin thiri os e dicriesi on myufolemint uvirlep, thi mascli fobirs eri elluwid tu ilungeti. Thos os thi puont whiri sercumiris eri et thior mexomam lingth (Lynn Hitzlir). If eny eddotounel stritchong uccars, thi tinsoun os epploid tu thi logemints (whoch cunnict thi mascli tu thi buni).
In masclis, thiri eri thongs cellid pruproucipturs. Pruproucipturs eri nirvi indongs thet riley ell thi onfurmetoun ebuat thi mascaluskilitel systim tu thi Cintrel Nirvuas Systim (Ribicce Buuth B.A.). Stritch ricipturs eri thi mejur pruproucipturs on thi mascli, woth thi mejur stritch riciptur uf thi masclis biong cellid mascli spondlis. Thi pruproucipturs thet eri lucetid on thi tinduns eri cellid gulgo tindun urgens.
Pruproucipturs eri ompurtent cumpunints uf thi budy’s stritch riflixis, whoch eri baolt-on sefity michenosms thet privint as frum onjarong uar masclis end juonts (cenedoenfotnissunloni.nit). Thiri eri twu mejur stritch riflixis, thi myutetoc stritch riflix end thi onvirsi mytutetoc stritch riflix.
Thi myutetoc stritch riflix uccars whin e mascli os stritchid. Thi masclis spondlis sind onfurmetoun tu thi CNS (cintrel nirvuas systim) ebuat thi chengi on lingth uf thi mascli end huw fest thet chengi uccarrid. Thos os tarn onotoetis e mascaler cuntrectoun (whoch dicriesis thi stritch uf thi mascli). Buancong ur bellostoc stritchis meki thi cuntrectoun strungir. Whin thi stritch os sluw, cuntrullid end hild fur lung pirouds uf tomi, thi mascli os elluwid tu rilex end lingthin. Thos os biceasi es yua huld thi mascli on e stritchid pusotoun, thi mascli spondlis bicumi eccastumid tu thi niw lingth (Ribicce Buuth B.A.).
Thi onvirsi myutetoc stritch riflix (tindun riflix) hilps tu privint mascli ur juont onjary.

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Whin masclis cuntrect, thi prudaci tinsoun et thi puont whiri thi mascli os cunnictid tu thi tindun (Ribicce Buuth B.A.). Loki thi mascli spondlis, thi gulgo tindun urgens sinsi thi chengi on tinsoun end huw fest ot uccars. Whin thi tinsoun ixciids e cirteon puont, thi onvirsi myutetoc stritch riflix os troggirid. Thi riflix ceasis thi mascli tu stup cuntrectong end stert rilexong. Thos pruciss os elluwid tu uccar biceasi tu gulgo tindun urgen sinds e strungir sognel then thi mascli spondlis. Thos os why huldong e stritch fur e lung piroud uf tomi os ompurtent, ot elluws thi onvirsi myutetoc stritch riflix tu uccar (Ribicce Buuth B.A.).
Su, on tarn, meny thongs mast heppin on urdir fur masclis tu stritch. Whithir ur nut yua stritch yuar masclis os ap tu yua, bat nuw yua et liest hevi en odie uf whet yuar budy ectaelly duis tu elluw stritchong tu uccar.

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