The Physics Of The Atomic Theory Essay

The Physics Of The Atomic Theory Essay

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The Atomic Theory in its Essence
Many people have been involved in making the present Atomic Theory dating back to 460 B.C. The Greek era was filled with a handful of great philosophers, one being the great philosopher Democritus. Democritus was one of the first to propose the existence of an ultimate particle. He used the word “atomos” to describe such a particle because the particles that had been left were invisible. Democritus stated “By convention bitter, by convention sweet, but in reality atoms and void,” giving a meaning that there is no effect without a cause. Democritus then went on to work with a man named Leucippus who came up with “atomism.” In about 400 B.C. the acclaimed Aristotle said there were four elements; Earth, Fire, Air, and Water, continuing with the reason that no matter how many times you cut something, you will always have smaller pieces that won’t break down.
1704 was the year Isaac Newton proposed a universe of what he thought was an atom, stating that there are many solid masses in constant motion within that particle. In the mid 1700s, Lavoisier became known as the Father of Modern Day Chemistry for being able to first recognize hydrogen and oxygen. Later in 1803, John Dalton proposed his version of the atomic theory that states atoms are round solid particles based around measurable properties of mass. In 1832, Michael Faraday coined the term “electrolysis”, which means that you split a molecule with electricity increasing the ability to separate elements becoming an important role in scientific experimentation. In 1859, J. Plucker built the first gas discharge tube, formally called a “cathode ray tube,”
869 began a time when a very brilliant man named Dmitri Mendeleev created the first...

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...or. Working antagonistically from the atomic bomb, the particle accelerator converts energy to mass while atomic bomb converts mass into energy. The scientist will then send hydrogen atoms through the machine at very high speeds, almost the speed of light (3x108 m/s), and make them crash into each other for the reaction that they rip apart and quarks are made. Quarks come in three paired types that physicists call flavors; up and down, charm and strange, top and bottom.
Chemistry is integral in our daily lives. If we had no knowledge of chemistry, we wouldn’t understand the concepts of ideas such as what we’re made of, and how our cells and bodies work. In my opinion, the periodic table is one of the world’s greatest inventions because of its natural ability to provide such knowledge increasing our scientific abilities allowing people to achieve greats feats.

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