Essay on Physics Of A High School Student

Essay on Physics Of A High School Student

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Physics is known to be one of the hardest sciences to understand as a high school student. Most students take it sophomore or junior year but at my high school we were given it during our senior year. I had the class scheduled during the after noon right after the lunch period. On the first day of school my friend and me walked into the class and heard a very heavy accent talking but couldn’t figure who was doing it, until we saw the teacher. It was a new teacher to the school and she was straight out of Korea. She had just moved to America a few months prior to school starting and barely knew any English. Being able to understand her was a class on its own just on the first day. After the class everyday a handful of kids in the class complained to the principal and so on other board members. After the first week they claimed that they were not going to get rid of her and we had to learn with what she teachers us. As the year progressed the class turned into a class in which we had to try and just figure out what was being said and not the physics aspect of it. You would then have to take down what was said, write it down, and then go home at night and teach yourself what was taught during the class. The class turned into a self taught class in which the actual class time allotted for it throughout the day turned out to be useless.
Freire would look at this topic and have countless amount of things to say about it. “Here, no one teaches another, nor is anyone self-taught.” (Freire 222) Being self-taught Freire claims is the way that you are supposed to be taught. Teaching yourself make you a lot more independent for life after school but also it can really hurt you more than you think. Self-teaching can be extremely difficu...

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...process, while the pupils are mere objects” (Friere 217) With that being stated you are not capable of teaching yourself because the teacher is what the learning process is all about. In relation to that, having a teacher that does not speak English, as her first language is almost as hard as self-teaching.
Roles that are played throughout the schooling process are completely different all the time. For example some times teachers like to keep the class involved and other times the teacher like to lecture and just have people listen. In my situation I was not either of these but I played the role of both of them. I was the teacher and the student because I needed to teach myself the topic and then act as a student take the tests and exams as if I were a completely normal student. The education system is completely different all the time and every place you go to.

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