Essay on Physician Pay And Student Retention At Texas A & M University

Essay on Physician Pay And Student Retention At Texas A & M University

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Physician Pay and Student Retention at Texas A&M University

Alyssa Barigian

West Texas A&M University

Student health plays a vital role in the success and retention of students at a university. In an effort to assist in improving student health, physicians are employed within many university health centers with the sole purpose of providing healthcare for students. An improvement in the overall health of students provides an increase in retention rates. In a study conducted to assess retention of students, “more than half of the students worried about their health…and about health care expenses; many respondents mentioned ailments plaguing them for more than half a semester” (Farrell, 2009). Retaining students at a university provides a great benefit to society at large, as students graduate with a higher degree and become adequately prepared to enter the professional workforce (Lotkowski, Robbins & Noeth, 2004). According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the 2012 graduation rate for full-time undergraduate students at a 4-year institution was 59 percent (Graduation, 2014).

At Texas A&M University, the general student population well surpasses 50,000 students, which includes undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral candidates. The retention rate for first-year, full-time freshmen was 91.9% in 2011. This rate increased slightly from 2010, in which the retention rate was 91.7% (Retention, 2012). Graduation rates, on the other hand, reached 47% for first-time-in-college students who finished within six years (Retention, 2012). If students are not able to attend classes due to poor health, they have an increased likelihood of dropping out of the university. According to the CDC, “health has ...

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