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The recommendations of who should decide is if a patient is incapable of deciding for himself, the physician or a proxy must reach a decision in his stead. In order to respect patient autonomy, they should make a decision that is in keeping with the patient’s autonomous will. Even if physicians have good medical knowledge and have encountered a number of psychotic patients before, decisions cannot be based exclusively on their own knowledge and previous patient autonomy involves regarding the individual’s specific wishes and requests in our case the patient’s religious ideals. It could be argued that decisions regarding decision capacity are essentially non-medical and should rather be executed by a judge or a court of law. The same objections, however, can be used against this ‘lawyer as proxy’ model. In addition, the legal expert or jury lacks the medical knowledge that is useful in order to assess the patient.
The author concludes of the three types of argument in support of coercive treatment that we have discussed; only one is acceptable. Coercive treatment cannot be defended for the sake of protecting others. While coercive actions can be accept- able in order to protect close family and others, medical treatment is not justified for such reasons but should be given only in the interest of patients. Coercive treatment may be required in order to promote the patient’s health interests, but health interests have to waive if they go against the autonomous interests of the patient. Coercive treatment is, thus, acceptable only on the condition that the patient cannot make an autonomous decision about treatment and treatment is in the patient’s authentic interest. Coercive treatment cannot be defended when the patient makes an au...

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... to sure as to what I what was being tested but overall the article had enough information to review it.
The conclusions in each of the articles where very similar as far as the information aspect and the effectiveness they all were easy to understand and included a conclusion paragraph. They all tied in information about. The psychological articles the conclusion concluded that this healing process is very effective because there a numerous of ways this healing can be used and performed. The psychiatric articles were different because some of the medicine that was used in the studies did not work, caused an effect, and or did work. This is why it seemed to me that this healing process is not as effective. I support the healing that depends on a psychologist because the healing results were higher that the healing effective results of the help from a psychiatrist.

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