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A physician assistant is a medical practitioner who works under the supervision of a licensed doctor. However the doctor does not have to be present while the physician assistant performs. If a doctor is unavailable and it is an emergency the physician assistant or PAs can talk over the phone with a doctor. Fewer than 100 PAs were practicing in 1970 and about 74,800 physician assistants are employed in the United States now (“Physician”). Physician assistants help the community everyday by helping with illness, and a lot of other health issues. They work every day to help and treat people and they are a big help to doctors. Pas alleviate some stress from the doctors and creates a healthier environment for everyone.
Physician Assistants originated in the 1960’s (“Physician”). They are considered a new addition to health care and are in high demand. PAs were medical corpsmen who received additional education allowing them to help physicians with various medical tasks (“Physician”).
Physician assistants can do a lot of the same things doctors do. Even though doctors always have to be somehow involved in a PAs work, they can do things on their own without the doctor present. As long as the doctor gives the ok by phone or in person the PA can perform. Some things a PA does is take medical histories of patients, treat cuts, lacerations, bruises, and burns, set broken bones, treat minor medical injuries, take physical examinations, and prescribe medications. If doctors are not available the PA can take care of emergencies but they still need to speak to a licensed doctor first (“Fields,1”). Physician Assistants can also carry big responsibility. A PA can run a clinic or doctors’ office by ordering supplies and equipment, and super...

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...rever the work area is when it becomes hectic. PAs are a major help to doctors and the medical field and are in high demand around the U.S. For anyone who wants to help out the doctors and community for nice amount of money, a Physician Assistant is the right job to choose.

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