Physician Assisted Suicide Is Illegal Essay

Physician Assisted Suicide Is Illegal Essay

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Imagine your laying in a hospital bed hooked up to various machines. The doctors and nurses are persistently coming in to check up on you while you’re trying to get through the pain, weakness and slow wasting away of your body. On top of that you are grieving the side effects from numerous drugs, constipation, restlessness, you can barely breathe. You have no appetite because you are constantly throwing up. The doctors have given you little to no chance of survival; and death is at hand, it is just a matter of when. You have said your goodbyes, you have come to terms with dying and you are ready to meet your creator. Now if you had the chance to choose how and when your life ended would you take advantage of it?
(According to ) Throughout the United States committing suicide or attempting to commit suicide is not illegal. But Physician assisted suicide is illegal in 45 states not including California, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and Montana. According to Physician assisted suicide is suicide by a patient facilitated by means or information as in a drug prescription or indication of the lethal dosage provided by a physician who is aware of how the patient intends to use such means or information. Physician assisted suicide is commonly thought of as the sane thing as Euthanasia, but they are not the same thing. Euthanasia is the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of a terminally ill or injured individual in a relatively painless way. That means that the physician is killing the patient whereas with physician assisted suicide the patient is killing themselves. I believe that for the dying, Physician Assisted Suicide should be legal, it would not only end their pain and suffe...

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...he same reasons as everyone else?
The right to having Physician Assisted Suicide should be freely granted to those who are terminally ill. It would be a right that would allow them to have relief from excruciating agony, save their families from financial devastation and die with their dignity. To give dying adults this vital right would be to give them the autonomy of a life well lived.
Without a physician’s assistance; people could commit suicide in a messy, horrifying and traumatic way. If you were a family member of a terminally ill patient, which would be more traumatic; saying goodbye to a loved one at the hospital or coming home to see their brains splattered against the wall from a bullet? Sad reality is that if people truly want to die there is nothing that is going to stop them. If that is the case, why not allow for Physician Assisted Suicide to be legal?

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