Essay about Physician Assisted Suicide Is A Real Thing

Essay about Physician Assisted Suicide Is A Real Thing

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The thought of closing the book of life before all of the chapters have a chance to be written is a terrifying thought for most. However, physician assisted suicide is a trending issue currently due to heavy social media attention for the Death with Dignity Law because of a woman named Brittany Maynard. Although it is a hard topic to discuss for many, physician assisted suicide is a real thing happening in several states across the country. Most people have a hard and fast opinion on the issue, but few are truly educated about exactly what it means, who can qualify, and what drives those who use the Death with Dignity law to follow through with their wishes.
Many do not fully understand what exactly physician assisted suicide entails, “Also known as aid in dying, it is a medical practice in which a terminally ill and mentally competent adult requests, and a doctor prescribes, a life-ending medication the person self-administers when and if they choose.” (Compassion and Choices) The Death with Dignity is a law that is only available in five states in the US that allows patients the choice of ending their lives with the help of a physician. In order for adults to qualify, they must prove that they are indeed suffering from a terminal illness, have less than six months to live, and are mentally competent to request the life-ending medication. Most patients requesting to end their lives this way do so in order to have some control over the illness that is slowing taking over their bodies both mentally and physically. The Death with Dignity Law has not seen as much attention in the media as it has in the last several months because of Brittany Maynard.
Brittany Maynard was a twenty-nine year old woman with her entire life ahead of h...

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...ed (Gomandi, Pott, Payne 3). Overall, patience seeking this option in this study were trying to avoid the debilitating side effects of the cancers that would ultimately have taken their lives without physician assisted suicide.
In closing, every person is entitled to their own opinion regarding physician assisted suicide. It is currently a hot button issue with growing attention daily. The bottom line is that each patient in an area that assisted suicide is legal must make the decision for themselves. As well as every practicing doctor in the Death with Dignity states who must decide if they are willing to support the law by prescribing the medications involved. Many opinions are available on and off of the internet. It is simple for one to perform their own research and come to their own decision regarding their personal feelings on physician assisted suicide.

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