Physician Assisted Suicide For Terminally Ill Patients And Why It Should Be Legalized

Physician Assisted Suicide For Terminally Ill Patients And Why It Should Be Legalized

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Physician assisted suicide is legal in only five states Oregon, Montana, Washington and Vermont until recently California joined them. The following is an Editorial piece about California’s Right to-Die Bill with Gov. Jerry brown by the editorial board written on September, 22,15 its purpose is to inform the reader about Physician Assisted suicide for terminally ill patients and why it should be legalized. The thesis is stated in the second paragraph: “Mr. Brown should sign the bill into law” “the bill includes robust safeguards. Patients would have to make two oral requests for the prescription, two weeks apart, and one in writing. Two doctors would have to certify that the patient is likely to die within six months. The written request must be made in front of witnesses who are asked to certify that the patient is of sound mind and is not being coerced.” The author is trying to convince the reader with their own opinion and not facts that with these extra procedures in place there is no way the medication would get into the hands of someone who wasn’t terminally ill. They use a recent story as an example to attempt to show emotion and empathy “Brittany Maynard’s death last year gave the issue renewed visibility and political momentum. The 29-year-old California woman, a teacher with inoperable brain cancer, moved to Oregon to take control of the timing of her death” while using a recent tragic story the author appeals to the readers with their emotions and continues by saying “After the Assembly approved the bill in a 43-to-34 vote, patients who witnessed it, some in wheelchairs, wept as they thanked those who backed the initiative.” While showing the voters count for the bill they still manage to connect thru empathy for thos...

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... culture in which medicine is practiced it corrupts the profession of medicine by allowing patient’s to kill themselves. In fact the editorial goes on to say: “the bill includes robust safeguards. Patients would have to make two oral requests for the prescription, two weeks apart, and one in writing. Two doctors would have to certify that the patient is likely to die within six months.” But in many cases these “percausions” are inadequate and have often been eliminated over time and by this point the patient might be in a conflicted mindset and make a decision that they wouldn’t of made if in the proper mindset. Additionally the editorial board goes on to say: ”Some have argued that assisted suicide has become an attractive option for patients only as a result of the high cost and uneven quality of palliative care in the nation. Their arguments are unpersuasive.”

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