Essay on Physician Assisted Suicide : Annotated Bibliography

Essay on Physician Assisted Suicide : Annotated Bibliography

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Physician Assisted Suicide: An Annotated Bibliography
Behuniak, Susan M. "Death With "Dignity": The Wedge That Divides the Disability Rights Movement from the Right to Die Movement." Politics And The Life Sciences: The Journal Of The Association For Politics And The Life Sciences 30.1 (2011): 17-32. Print.

One of the dividing lines when it comes to end of life debates is the issue of at what point a patient is defined as a competent adult and/or terminally ill or a patient with disabilities. The fear and debate of certain groups that labeling a person with disabilities could become a pathway to branding the disabled as terminally ill and could in turn allow euthanasia of groups of individuals solely due to those disabilities. The author points out a couple of opposing groups that are at the forefront of the death with dignity movement and how they could better work together to make their division and argument work for their mutual interests.

Cowan, Dale H. "United States Laws and the Rights of the Terminally Ill." Medicine And Law 28.3 (2009): 519-29. Print.

There are three notable cases when it comes to the debate over physician assisted suicide, end of life laws and rights of the terminally ill. This paper takes a judicial and medical look at all of those cases and a few others from an impartial standpoint.

It explores the different issues that have been debated in the courtrooms with regard to the rights of terminally ill patients, including living wills, the different methods of life sustaining treatments, and patient-directed dying. This paper could be included as a good informational resource for learning about how the Advance Directive Act was passed.

Evans, Luke. "Nurses ' Attitudes to Assisted Suicide: Sociode...

... middle of paper ...

...the “quality of life” debate.

Raus, Kasper, Sigrid Sterckx, and Freddy Mortier. "Is Continuous Sedation at the End of Life an Ethically Preferable Alternative to Physician-Assisted Suicide?" The American Journal Of Bioethics: AJOB 11.6 (2011): 32-40. Print.

Raus, Sterckx and Mortier of Ghent University examine four different versions of an ethical argument regarding the newer end of life practice of Continuous Sedation. They evaluate whether or not Continuous Sedation would be a preferable alternative over Physician-Assisted Suicide.

Looking at court rulings on why Physician-Assisted Suicide has not been more widely legalized in the United States they study the arguments and rulings, even some from the Supreme Court Justices, and argue that even though Continuous Sedation is a good alternative for some people in end of life decisions, for some, it is not.

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