Essay about Physician Assisted Death : A Moral Procedure

Essay about Physician Assisted Death : A Moral Procedure

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Physician assisted death is a moral procedure that allows individuals to end their physical life when they feel that their innate soul no longer has value. Being human means having the ability to determine one’s own value and also being able to determine when that value is gone. There is no value in the biological act of living. Rather, worth comes from human action and meaningful relationships. All humans have the ability to mold their own lives into something they consider meaningful and valuable whether that be in the career that they pick, the organizations that they join, or the people they spend their time with. These actions are the essence of what makes a fulfilling life of value for each individual. With that being said, what one deems valuable is very much an individual experience. What may give one life meaning may not give meaning to another’s life. Therefore, it is impossible to determine objectively when one’s life is valuable and when it is not. The individual can be the only judge of their own worth. The philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre supports this argument. He argues that there is no such thing as human nature, that God is dead, and every human has the freedom to create their own meaning through actions. He states in his Existentialism is a Humanism that man “Man is not only that which he conceives himself to be, but that which he wills himself to be, and since he conceives of himself only after he exists, just as he wills himself to be after being thrown into existence, man is nothing other than what he makes of himself” (Sartre, 22). This demonstrates the ability of humans to pursue meaning on an individual basis. Additionally, Sartre stated “it is the very condition of their action, for they first...

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Physician assisted death is a highly controversial subject, however it has proven to be a just and moral practice for patients who request it. A human life is not given value for the pure biological act of living. Rather, the individual determines their own value through meaningful relationships, actions, and interactions. Each individual has the power of determining their own value. Consequently, each individual also has the power to determine that their life no longer has significance. It is impossible for another person to make this determination for a patient who is debilitated by a life-threatening disease. In conclusion, because the significance of life or lack thereof is founded by each individual, physician assisted death is an option that should be given to all patients, for only the individual can be the judge of their own value.

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