Physician Assistant : Career Choice Essay

Physician Assistant : Career Choice Essay

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Physician Assistant is a career choice that entails various specialties and flexibilities that attracts many. Those who desires a path to practice medicine as soon as possible, PA 's lateral mobility allows that to happen. Compared to medical school, PA school requires less time and amount less debt. As the population grows and chronic diseases spreads, The future projection of PA is growing faster than the average careers.
The assistant part in physician assistant is generally understated. Physician assistants’ responsibilities actually bear many tasks that would suggest a long work hours and practices. Many may work alongside a team of specialists to coordinate treatments for their patients or some may work independently supervised by a physician or surgeon. When working with a patient, the physician assistant review the patient’s medical histories, conduct many exams and analyze and diagnose from those exams given from other departments such as x-ray works or blood draws. With these information, the PA is able to diagnose and prescribe the appropriate treatment plans. Physician assistants also hold the responsibility of educating their patients. If there are any new treatments available, one would describe the details of such treatment and allow their patients to ask them any questions. Their work schedule is generally a full work week and the hours ranging from morning to late afternoons but this can vary. In understaffed and rural areas, the physician assistant acts as the primary care when physician numbers are lacking. Their work schedule and settings also depend on their speciality. Because PA have a flexible lateral mobility, they are able to work in many areas of medicine from family medicine to emergency and even surge...

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...enge as I pursue in this field is being quick on my feet in making decisions under a stressful situation. To address these challenges, I am going to sign up for as many volunteering opportunity as possible especially around the hospital areas where it’s more fast paced. Also shadowing a PA would really benefit because it allows me to see how he or should would handle their patients.
Investing in the PA program is very favourable at the moment. The job outlook between 2012 and 2022 is 38% growth rate according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The population is growing in the United States and the physician to patient ratio gap is widening and this gap can be illustrated by the tremendous growth of PA programs within the last few years. The growing of population, widespread of disease, shortage of physicians and aging of baby boomers makes the PA path very desirable.

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