Physical Wellness Is The Process Of Making Choices Essay

Physical Wellness Is The Process Of Making Choices Essay

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Physical wellness is the process of making choices to maintain a flexible, energetic and strong body. Career wellness is present when a person has the gratification of knowing the work they do is meaningful, utilizes their intellectualism and personal strengths, contains self-respect in their roles and take pride in their employer of choice. Emotional wellness exists when a person accepts their own worth, not monetarily but in what they value and what they give to others. A person who is at peace with who they are, how they recognize, communicate and express themselves to others as well as how they feel about themselves, physically, spiritually, and emotionally will encompass emotional wellness. Spiritual wellness is the ability to honor a higher consciousness through insightful relationships with oneself and others. Having a strong personal value system and meaningful purpose contributes to spiritual wellness. Social wellness is the process of creating and maintaining healthy relationships through the choices we make. Environmental wellness is present when we make choices that contribute to sustaining and improving the quality of life in our immediate surroundings as well as the universe as a whole. The last dimension is intellectual wellness. This exists when a person can use their own mind to create a greater understanding and appreciation of the universe and all the people who exist in it. All seven dimensions overlap and are intersected with the other. They all play a significant role in improving a person’s quality of life. While it may be easier to put more effort and emphasis into one single dimension, in order to achieve complete health it is vital to attain balance in all seven dimensions.
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...drank and how much they have left to drink. It is attainable and realistic as many people are able to accomplish this goal. The goal is time-bound as it defines a time-period of every day for eight weeks. SMART goals help to clarify ideas, bring focus and use time efficiently. People who utilize SMART goals will find more successes than those who do not.
Living a sustainable life is difficult and takes practice, education and effort. Understanding the seven dimensions of wellness and how to balance them is crucial to having success. Eating clean and organic food is proven to do marvelous wonders for the human body and knowing how to make and achieve SMART goals is a sure step to help a person accomplish their goals. I truly believe that by taking action on the steps I have outlined, a person will find optimal health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

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