Physical Therapy Treatment And Whole Body Vibration Essay

Physical Therapy Treatment And Whole Body Vibration Essay

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Ibrahim, M.M., Eid, M.A. and Moawd, S.A. (2014) conducted a randomized controlled study to determine if there were differences between the outcomes of children receiving a selected physical therapy treatment and whole body vibration(WBV) and children receiving a selected physical therapy alone (control group). The measurements tested were isometric strength of the knee extensors (weak and strong legs), spasticity, walking speed, walking balance, and gross motor function before and after a 12 - week intervention program. The inclusion criteria were children with spastic diplegia from both sexes ages ranging from 8 to 12 years old, who were ambulatory (with or without walking aids), able to follow instructions, with a 1 to 2 degree of spasticity, and not being involved in regular organized physical activities. Criteria for exclusion were children with fixed musculoskeletal deformities, history of surgery less than a year ago, unhealed fractures, medically unstable, epilepsy, visual or auditory problems, and children under treatment with botulinum toxin. Children who met the criteria (n = 30) were allocated into two groups of 15 participants; all recruited from the outpatient clinic, College of Physical Therapy from Cairo University. Their parents signed a consent for participation.
Initial and final assessments for each outcome measured were performed. For isometric strength of knee extensors, a handheld dynamometer (Nicholas Manual Muscle Tester Model 011160) was used. Three attempts were recorded, averaging the second and third scores. The modified Ashworth scale was used to measure spasticity for hip adductors, knee extensors, and ankle plantar flexors. For the walking speed evaluation, the investigators used the Six-minute walk...

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...omparing both groups post - treatment p-values a statistically significance was seen in the treatment results in favor of WBV with a p value = 0.022. No clinical significance differences were established as a result of this trial.
The outcome data obtained from this study suggested improvement after WBV and PT together in children with spastic diplegia CP in isometric knee extensors, potentially caused by the input of proprioceptive pathways in the production of reflexive muscle contraction (Cochrane & Stannard, 2005), decrease of knee extensors spasticity, increase of walking speed and increase of gross motor function in GMFM – 88, dimension E: walking, running and jumping. WBV did not exhibit any changes in spasticity in hip adductors and ankle plantar flexors. D or standing dimension increased similarly in both groups. Walking balance did not change in any group.

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