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Imagine playing basketball. You are playing as hard as you can, and your team is so close to winning. You go up to make a basket and out of nowhere, another player slams into you. You hit the floor and your leg is instantly in pain, and it is hard to walk. You have torn your anterior cruciate ligament, more commonly known as ACL, and require surgery. After surgery you have a long road to recovery. You will have to visit a physical therapist several times a week to work your repaired ligament. After looking further into the career, one may decide to pursue career in physical therapy because of the responsibilities of the job, the education and training needed, and the benefits after retiring.
What is a physical therapist? A physical therapist, also known as a PT, is a person who helps patients suffering from injury or disease to restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, improve balance and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities in people’s daily lives. There are more than 8 different types of physical therapy. Orthopedic medicine deals with bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Sports medicine helps athletes who have been injured and help them recover in a speedy effective way. Also they teach the athletes how to protect themselves from other injuries. Neurology deals with the structure that and function of the nervous system. Common neurology problems are stroke spinal cord injuries and Alzheimers. Cardiopulmonary medicine involves blood vessels and the heart. Theses therapist help patients achieve level of endurance and independence after surgery. Electrophysiology is the way electricity interacts with cells and tissues. These electrical currents help reduce pain, inflammation, and keep blood flowin...

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... AAA membership subsidy and prescription drug benefits.
If plans for being a physical therapist does not pan out you could be a physical therapy assistant. The degree you would need is an associate’s degree. Instead of completing six or more years of school one could complete two years and have a career. The salary is less than that of a physical therapist, making up to $37,000 annually.
In conclusion you may want to strive for a career in physical therapy because of the responsibilities of the job, the education and training needed, and the benefits after retiring.

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