Physical Signs Of Drug And Alcohol Abuse Essay

Physical Signs Of Drug And Alcohol Abuse Essay

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What To Do If You Suspect That Your Child Is Abusing Drugs Or Alcohol

As a parent, it is natural to be concerned about your child. That is why if you have noticed some changes in your child, and you suspect that he or she is abusing drugs or alcohol, then you should not ignore this. The most important thing that you can do if your child is abusing drugs or alcohol is to get some support and help for yourself.

Physical Signs Of Drug Or Alcohol Abuse

*Bloodshot eyes
*Pupils that are larger or smaller than normal
*Suddenly developing seizures
*Sudden weight gain or loss
*Tremors, shakes and incoherent speech
*Neglecting personal grooming and appearance
*Someone who is using cocaine or meth may have frequent nosebleeds
*Unusual smells on clothing, body or breath

Behavioral Signs Of Drug And Alcohol Abuse

You may also notice some behavioral changes if your child is abusing alcohol or drugs. Below is a list of some of the things to look out for:

*Getting in trouble in school and skipping class
*Neglecting school work and failing classes
*Complaints from teachers and other stude...

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