Essay on Physical Injuries And Its Effects On The Athletes

Essay on Physical Injuries And Its Effects On The Athletes

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The volume of injuries in sports is very high, and the effects of these injuries on the sportsman are very severe. There is constant medical research to maximise the effect of the psychosocial recovery of the athletes. The main reason behind this is to enhance their successful return to the training and finally to the actual competition. It is often observed that these physical injuries have a prolonged psychological effect on the athletes. Even after surgeries, the players are concerned of re-injury. This is commonly termed as re-injury anxiety. This anxiety or fear influences the injured player both psychologically and physiologically. It lowers the rehabilitation performance and increase the actual chance of re-injury. From the previous research, it is found out that almost 7% of the injuries are re-injuries. In medical research, two of the most common methods to treat the injured are imagery treatment and rehabilitation treatment. In rehabilitation treatment, the injured players are treated with a usual course of physiotherapy along with counseling techniques to overcome their fears and return to the competition (Hoeger and Hoeger, 2013). The imagery treatment is marked with visualization of an object, sensation or scene as though the situation is occurring in physical reality (Gregg, Hall, et al., 2011). It tries to impart the physical characteristics of a situation that is absent, that has occurred in the past or has a chance occurring in the future. It is believed that the imagery affects all the five sense of the players.
Research design
To understand the effect of the rehabilitation and imagery techniques on the injured players both qualitative measures and quantitative measures are used. A descriptive and...

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... The awareness of the treatment must be circulated among the sports industry so that all the injured players can get the benefit of the treatment. In fact, the rehabilitation treatment can be extended to the dance injuries also. The dancers also face similar problem. Most of the dancers face knee injury or injuries related to legs like tearing of ligaments, muscle injury and others. In such situation, the injured dancers can be treated with rehabilitation techniques to motivate the dancers to retain their practice quickly. From the literature, it is quite evident that the rehabilitation techniques have helped the players to regain their previous status. Hence, it is important that the knowledge of the rehabilitation techniques must be encouraged and practiced in the sports industry. The awareness of the technique must be increased so that more can avail its benefits.

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