Physical Fitness Is A Essential Part Of The Army Culture

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Physical training is a very essential part of the army culture. Physical fitness has a direct influence on their combat readiness which also ties into needing to be mentally and physically tough. Being physically fit allows you to be productive and also gives you the opportunity to enjoy even the little things in life. It also allows you to be able to adapt and survive through tough living conditions. Having the proper diet and exercise can improve a person’s quality of life. Maintaining a high level of fitness helps you perform at higher levels throughout your life. Healthy muscles are less susceptible to to injury, less likely to tear and give in to stress. Which is why it’s important to take care of your body. Soldiers who don’t meet military fitness standards risk being discharged or maybe disciplinary actions. As a cadet in ROTC I got to witness firsthand how not being physically fit can interfere with your military duties. Physical fitness is important because you have to be able to perform your job efficiently and at a fast pace. Being on profile, depending on the limitations...
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