Essay about Physical Fitness And Mental Fitness

Essay about Physical Fitness And Mental Fitness

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I recognize myself as an extremely “fit” person; I exercise regularly, I eat healthily, and I am emotionally and mentally strong. These three aspects are how I define fitness. I look at fitness as a triangle: The three corners represent physical fitness, mental fitness, and diet, and the centre of the triangle is what I consider “superior fitness”. Only when all three facets are thriving and a person is in the centre of the triangle model is someone truly “fit”.

Physical fitness can be defined by how active a person is on a daily basis; it can be measured in many ways and varies from person to person. Physicality can be further separated into three more parts: cardio, strength, and flexibility. To have optimal physical fitness is to be excelling in all parts evenly. For example, when someone works out by only lifting weights and refuses to work on improving flexibility and cardio, they may look strong, but they are not truly fit by my definition. With my main sporting focus being figure skating, I utilize and improve my cardio, flexibility and strength as a unit. Figure skating is an excellent sport for improving over all physicality, as it is impossible to succeed if any of the three parts are missing. Another important part of physical fitness is not being lazy. When we have such easy and accessible access to public transportation and cars, we forget that we could be putting on a helmet and biking, instead of buckling up a seat belt. I try as much as I can to use my own muscle power to get places rather than driving; therefore improving my overall fitness. Our own physical fitness relies on us to push ourselves daily, and to not be chronically lazy.
The second corner of the triangle is diet. Diet consists of how, ...

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...s i believe i would be able to handle the stress of a big misfortune with confidence. Although nobody really knows what they would do if such an event were to occur, we can only estimate by assessing how we have managed other alike situations.
In terms of my triangle definition of fitness, I am in the centre: I am physically strong, I maintain a healthy diet, and I have the mental capacity to learn new things and cope with any emotional stressors that I may encounter. There is an unlimited number of ways that Canadians can improve their overall fitness, and using my tool is an excellent way of self evaluating their progress. Using my triangle model as a fitness tool anyone can achieve their optimal fitness level. By investigating what aspects of our fitness we can improve on, we can become better, more well-rounded individuals. Where do you sit on the Triangle?

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