Essay about Physical Features Of A Concussion

Essay about Physical Features Of A Concussion

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A concussion is an injury to the head that can vary its severity with a number of different symptoms. According to the Mayo Clinic Staff (2014) a brain is similar to the consistency of gelatin and is cushioned by cerebrospinal fluid. However, a sudden impact to the head or neck can cause the brain to slide against the skull, an action called a coup, then ricochet to the opposite side of the skull in action called a counter coup (Stix, 2014). The injury can vary by severity based on the force of impact, and can have a number of different symptoms (M.C. Staff, 2014). Apart from the skull, humans have little protecting their brain from outside variables, but animals such as the woodpecker have an extra physical features to protect their brains. Woodpeckers have a bone in their head, called the hyoid, that wraps around the entirety of the skull and absorbs any shock the head receives (Hauserman, 2012). The extra bone in the head acts as a shock absorber, something the human body doesn’t contain, which is why humans are more prone to injury in the brain than animals like the woodpecker.

The sport selected to be compared to professional (NFL) football was men’s soccer at the collegiate level (NCAA), this includes Division I, Division II, and Division III men’s soccer. According to The American Journal of Sports Medicine (2015), there was a total of 854 concussions in the NFL from 2002 until 2007. This amounts to approximately 0.38 concussions per game (Yengo-Kahn et. al., 2015). During the 2005-2006 soccer season, collegiate men sustained an estimated 0.24 concussions per game (Daneshvar, et. al., 2011). While the number of concussions per game is different, the percentage of concussions sustained from head-to-head collisions is roug...

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... as the structure of football in American society. I think Maroon’s choice was mostly out of fear. He was afraid of ruining something so highly regarded by people. Maroon would have received much hate, much like Omalu and Bailes did, but it would also make him appear responsible for the deaths of the players, since he signed off of on their examinations. While I can understand the fear he seemed to have, I don’t believe I would have made the same decision. Too many peoples’ lives have and would be affected by the information that I would have felt guilty for withholding the information. I believe very strongly that all scientific findings should be presented to people so they can make informed decisions with the as much information possible, thus I would have readily agreed to help share Omalu’s findings, even if it did mean ruining the football industry.

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