Physical Education Should Not Be Mandated Essay

Physical Education Should Not Be Mandated Essay

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Physical Education
Physical education has been taught in the United Sates since the nineteenth century, though some believe that physical education should not be mandated in a student’s education. Physical education is how schools teach students on the proper ways to stay physically fit, and forces students to get active during the school day. There are many academic benefits to students staying active during the school day. Physical education also helps students with far more than just staying in shape. It also helps promote a person’s general wellness. With that being said physical education is helping to create more well-rounded individuals. Some believe that physical education classes are not beneficial and students are better off learning core 9classes during the school day. The argument stands whether or not P.E. classes should be mandated by the state. Some people argue that the state should not mandate P.E., in their opinion it does not improve the overall health of the students involved in the class.
Physical education is very important to the state of Illinois. It is considered so important that they have made physical education mandatory. “Illinois mandates daily physical education in grades K-12…The state enforces these mandates by requiring written assurances from the schools” (National Association for…). The fact of the matter is that the state mandates physical education. In addition to mandating the course, Illinois has a list of guidelines that schools must follow. “The state has developed its own standards for physical education, with which all school districts must comply” (National Association for…). Some of the guidelines are as follows, P.E. cannot be taken online; P.E. must be included on a student’s repo...

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...t does not matter whether children are in P.E. classes, they do not help the overall health of students, it should not be a mandatory class required by the state.
In the state of Illinois P.E. classes are mandatory. All schools are required by law to have P.E. classes for students grades K-12. Although the schools are required to have P.E. there are very few requirements that they have to meet. Studies have shown that there are many benefits to participating in P.E. classes, though it is argued that the time spent in P.E. could be better spent in core classes. It is also argued that P.E. classes do not do a very good job at keeping students active and surveys have shown that the time spent being active in P.E. classes are surprisingly low. All in all, some activity is better than none and P.E. classes will continue to be mandatory for public schools in Illinois.

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