Essay on Physical Education Is The Worst Part Of All

Essay on Physical Education Is The Worst Part Of All

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As I walk through my high school every day of school, there is one thing that both frustrates and saddens me. I never fail to notice all the unfit, overweight, and underweight students walking through the halls, gasping for air as they walk up a flight stairs. Not a day goes by that I do not wonder why people do not stand up and take stand up and question why some people do this to themselves, and the fact that no one seems to care is the worst part of all this. The health of all these students are at stake, but sometimes, they do not know any better. For all they know, their health is just as unimportant as the physical education classes seem to be at the schools. Most physical education classes in schools nowadays are just another class where students do whatever they want to. These classes are put into the school systems so students have a way to stay active, fit, and healthy; however, all they do with this time is encourage the fact that their health’s importance is irrelevant. PE classes are no joke, and they need to be taken much more seriously.
As a child, even though active with sports, I was somewhat overweight. I never exercised, unless it was during sports, or ate healthy; rather, I would sit in my room all day with junk food and video games. This is because no one- not even the gym class teachers- decided that my health was critical enough to speak up and inform me on what I was doing to my body, which was killing myself. I tend to ask older people quite a bit about how their gym classes were, and most, from about twenty-five to sixty year olds, gave me the same answer- they took it as if it was an SOL class. They were forced to exercise, even vigorously on occasion, pass their physical fitness tests, and were not al...

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...nt for everyone to do, whether they are doing it to play sports or just to have a better and healthier body.
Every single weekday, I walk through the high school hallways. All that stands out to me is the number of unhealthy people I hear gasping for air as they attempt to walk up a flight of stairs, and also the rising intensity as some attempt the second flight. However, I bet all these students are getting “A’s” in their physical education classes. I can simply just play Candy Crush on my phone all forty-five minutes of my physical education classes, and still get an “A.” The overweight and lazy students now might be happy now that they are not forced to run their mile in a certain time limit or even do a pull-up, but when they suffer from high-blood pressure or other medical problems, they will wish the physical education classes were taken much more seriously.

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