Physical Education for Elementary School Students Essay examples

Physical Education for Elementary School Students Essay examples

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Section 1: Lesson Information

o Grade level (specify what age/grade) : Pre-Kindergarten age: 4 year olds
o Estimated level of developmental stage for this age/grade : Predictable and Self-Paced Tasks
o Number of students : 19
o Fundamental skill to be taught: Throwing and Catching
o Cues:
a. Underhand throwing: “eye on target, arm way back, step, and extend to the target.” (Hastie, 2012,6.3)
b. Catching cues: “keep your eye on the ball, extend your arms toward the ball, bring the ball into your body.” (Hastie, 2012,6.3)
o State standard (see the list of NASPE standards and indicate which state):
a. State: Texas
b. Standard: “Knowledge and skills, Movement. The student demonstrates competency in fundamental movement patterns and proficiency in a few specialized movement forms. The student is expected to toss a ball and catch it before it bounces twice.” (Cited, 1998, 116.2. Physical Education, Kindergarten. Section B sub- section H)
Section 2: Lesson Introduction
o Provide a brief description of the lesson: In this lesson I will be working with four year old children on the concept of underhand throwing and catching.
o Create a student learning objective: As a result of this lesson the children will be able to demonstrate the motions of under hand throwing and catching in awkward stiff movements.
o Describe your system for classroom management and student grouping (e.g. class rules, consequences, rewards, and organization of the class during the activity): I will split the class in two groups between me and my aide in order to limit waiting times. To make each group we will use teacher formed groups where the teacher makes them up in advance. Once outdoors I will ask each child to hop to either the tri...

... middle of paper ...

...nbag to make sure their partner is ready and looking at them.
b. The event of inclement weather or an altered schedule that forces you to change your location. Choose a different location to discuss (e.g. a smaller classroom as opposed to a gym): I would use four to a group instead of two which will eliminate hula hoops in order to fit into a smaller space. Another option would be to use field nets that would permit several children to throw at the same time. The catching activity I would leave the same or have more children join a group. For example have four or five children group up and take turns tossing the beanbag back and forth.
c. Several children from a different grade are temporarily joining this class for this particular lesson: I would make each team bigger (four instead of two) and ask each child to pick a partner to take turns throwing and catching.

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