Essay Physical Differences Between Humans And Human Beings

Essay Physical Differences Between Humans And Human Beings

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The physical differences in humans have been around a long time. This population multiplied and spread around the world and ended up replacing the present population elsewhere. The diversity of traits is an advantage and this is true for any species. In fact, we as human beings are quite homogeneous. Initially we were a single population relatively small, and we ended up extending from East Africa, in a short time in terms of the evolutionary scale. As we expand, we had to adapt to the local environment, and move around from one climate to many different climates. For differences we may observe today, it seems that we are different, but these differences are superficial and basically they are a reflection of the adaptation of climates.
To me the 3 principals’ traits or phenotype that catches my attention in a man are the eyes, type and skin color and body shape. The color of the eyes or skin seems to us an important difference between people. But, it is a superficial difference, compared to the differences between all other species. Differences in facial traits match adapting each group had to make to different climates: which the sun 's intensity is higher, is most helpful darker skin or where the wind blows, the slanted eyes are more useful. Despite this homogeneity, the diversity between humans exists, because it is a guarantee of survival. The skin color seems a huge difference, being so obvious prevailing dark color, since it is an even color, and little wrinkles perishable. For example, most people who live in Africa are darker skin and skins in Europe are mainly lighted skin; and elsewhere are mostly darker skin. I think the skin color of the original settlers was probably dark, but when they had to adapt to places where s...

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...omen access to the labor market have changed this pattern of sexual selection. This makes even more sense from an evolutionary perspective, because as in other animal species, women make greater parental investment and have a much lower reproductive potential than men. Therefore, there has been a conflict of interest that has led men and women have evolved into different sexual strategies.
In conclusion, many cases, what is inherited from the family and is a set of potential. The chance of the Mendelian traits being affected by external influences is low, but many polygenic traits which are. In the same way, exposure to the sun, altitude, temperature and pollution of the pollution may affect the degree in which the genetic potential is reached. It is important to recall that environmental factors involved in the translation and definition from genotype to phenotype.

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