Physical Characteristics Of The Average Student Essay

Physical Characteristics Of The Average Student Essay

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What are the physical characteristics of the average student (size, weight, height, etc.)? Describe the outliers (children who don’t fit the average). Describe the differences (if any) between boys and girls at this age.

This classroom was standard to 4th graders. The 4th graders height varies with the smallest student being around 50 inches and the tallest at 57 inches. No one stood out as a heavier set, if anything some girls looked under weight at around 50 pounds, but no one stood out at the 75-80lbs range. The difference between the boys and the girls is that the 10 year old boys, if you observe closely, have a distinguishable wider frame than the girls.

What are the motor capabilities of these students in reference to the task they are doing. Describe the task, and the students’ responses.

As a warm up, the students were demonstrated a plank.

Here is an example.

The teacher stated that the previous class (5th grade) did planking for 3 minutes and challenged the 4th graders to do the same. Most of the students seemed to hold the pose, some were defeated immediately while others maintained the proper plank position for the full 3 minutes. Out of a class of 28, 8 of them succeeded. The student repose was great, students loved the activity and were really disappointed when they couldn’t hold note plank of the full 3 minutes. Several students requested that the teacher do that warm up again next PE class.

What are the cognitive and social/emotional capabilities of these children? (Describe the average and one or two outliers)

The cognitive capabilities were to have an honest judgement when participating in the game and learning sportsmanship. The game that the students were playing was throwing a foam ball at eac...

... middle of paper ...

... caused the ball to be launched in the air rather than being glided on the floor. The successful students kicked the ball with the sides of their foot.

Describe one incident of a student in the class that caught your attention. (this can be anything that you think was significant, provide enough detail to share at a later time)

Of the 28 students there were 2 special ed students. One of them did not participate, while the other one did for a brief period of time. During instruction of the activity, the student was a distraction and was so noisy to the point where the teacher had to stop instruction multiple times. The two special ed students did have a para there and she was constantly getting up and going over to the student to tell him to behave. The student was so disruptive, that the para had to remove both students from the classroom before the activity began.

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