Physical Appearance And Its Impact On Society Essay

Physical Appearance And Its Impact On Society Essay

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In today 's society human beings truly aren 't themselves throughout the day. Humans go throughout the day performing daily activities such as going to school, work or going on a date and feel the need to act a certain way. There is a human instinct that tells the individual to act a certain way and to not truly be themselves so it is easier to go throughout the day by fitting in much more appropriately. This thrive to fit in is also known as the thrive to belong. There is no one correct way to belong into a certain category, class or relationship. All humans perceive the act of belonging to be accomplished by very different actions. Physical appearance, financial status and the amount of education one possesses contributes to the way one feels as if they belong or not. Humans all have the same thrive to belong, but all humans have a different idea on what they need to possess in order to feel as if they belong better in society.
Growing up in today’s society is very challenging and many feel as if they can perform an action better than everyone else then they have a bit of an advantage when it comes to feeling as if they belong . Therefore, a person may feel as if they belong well in society is because they possess a talent while growing up. Possessing a talent is one of the most beneficial traits a child could have. Talents range from person to person and from family to family. Each talent an individual holds is unique. One family or person can believe being talented is being able to play instruments very well while another family or person believes being talented is being the star player on a sport or cheerleading team. While raising children, many parents feel as if their children should possess a talent and if they don 't t...

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...e upon success at the end of the journey. (Lahiri)
Lahiri was strong and found her own sense of belonging in the long run. This is so important for all humans to do. No matter what talents one possesses, where one lives or if they are single it is up to the individual to find their own sense of belonging and happiness. People are always trying to change basic things about life to feel like they belong. Belonging has nothing to do with materialistic things, it has to do with confidence as demonstrated by Lahiri. All human beings were made to be different and made to be extraordinary. Finding belonging comes from within and if one truly wants to feel as if they belong they should be their true selves and not let anyone or anything change them. No one can make one feel as if they belong, the only one that can establish a sense of belonging is the individual themselves.

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