Physical And Rehabilitation Of Athletic Trainers Essay

Physical And Rehabilitation Of Athletic Trainers Essay

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396,457 injuries occurred in football alone in 2014, 40 percent of those injuries consisting of collegiate athletes (3). When an injury first occurs with an athlete, an athletic trainer is the first person they see. An athletic trainer is a highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions (1). Athletic trainers are there to help assist injured athletes in the recovery process by evaluating the injury, creating rehab programs, and following through with rehab programs. Once an athletic trainer identifies the injury, they must figure out the best plan of action to keep the athlete active without aggravating the injury (4). Many people see athletic trainers only assist in treatment and rehabilitation, while in fact there is much more to the job. Before an injury ever occurs, athletic trainers are helping athletes stay injury free. They do this through taping, stretching, teaching proper form, and helping build muscle through. Once an injury occurs, an athletic trainer has to provide immediate and emergency care. They must decide if the injury is threatening to the player’s life and apply emergency care if so (2). Once an injury is deemed non life threatening, an evaluation must be done (2). Durning an evaluation an athletic trainer notes where there is pain, how it impacts movement of the body, and how the injury occurred. With the results of the evaluation, a diagnosis is made. Keeping in mind the diagnosis and the evaluation, a proper rehabilitation program must be made that is best suited for that specific athlete. Throughout an injury, it is ...

... middle of paper ... team. I understand that there is very little chance that I get a job as an athletic trainer with a professional team right out of college. Therefore, I plan on starting out as a high school athletic trainer. As I gain more knowledge and experience, I plan on moving up to the collegiate level. After spending a few years at the collegiate level, I would love to work for a professional team. If at anytime I am happy with where I am, I will stay where I am and enjoy every moment. If I feel like I would not have enough time to start a family due to the hours required by my job, I would get a job in a clinic. Once in a clinic, I would start schooling to become a physical therapist assistant (PTA). As a PTA, I would see more patients and have more responsibilities than an athletic trainer. No matter where I end up, I want to make a positive impact on every athlete I help.

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