Essay on Physical And Physical Effects Of Physical Disabilities

Essay on Physical And Physical Effects Of Physical Disabilities

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For the past 100 years, individuals with physical disabilities have been competing in sport with a high degree of success, regardless of the resources and perceptions of the public (Shapiro, 2014). During this time, sport for the physically disabled has evolved where athletes with physical impairments can now compete on a global level through the Paralympic Games. Athletes with physical disabilities has steadily increased with popularity due to the availability of resources and facilities to accommodate their needs (Shapiro, 2014). Current research has shown that the inclusion of persons with physical disabilities in a recreational setting or physical education classroom has shown to have effective benefits on both the social and physical perceptions (Shapiro, 2014). Though there is extensive research surrounding individuals with physical disabilities, experts have concluded there needs be further in depth studies specifically focusing on developing progressive methods to enhance the experience of sport for those with physical disabilities (Shapiro, 2014). The following is a literature review of the various subject areas of sport and disability that affect individuals with physical impairments to gain a better understanding of the needs for both stakeholders and individuals with physical disabilities.
Perceptions of Students with Disabilities
Diversity in physical education includes students with physical disabilities that supports and celebrates each students differences (Grenier, 2014). Grenier noted that there has been limited research of the effects on disability in physical education curricula to the teacher and student who do not have a disability. Thus, Grenier employed a case study approach focusing on...

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...have lasting effects on both the participants and the stakeholders (Cottingham, 2015). As the popularity of sport for the physically disabled steadily increases through the influence of the Paralympic movement and adaptive physical education curriculum, the perceptions of those who do not have a physical disability towards those who do, have been changing in a positive direction (Purdue, 2012). Thus, as awareness and availability of resources continues to become more prevalent in the sport and recreational setting, the motivation for inclusive curriculum in the school setting might be brought to the forefront of physical education thought leaders and sport managers. Moreover, the social and health implications of providing opportunities for individuals with physical disabilities, can be beneficial to society and life expectancy of those with physical impairments.

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