Physical And Mental Issues Of Students Attending San Francisco State University

Physical And Mental Issues Of Students Attending San Francisco State University

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For most students attending San Francisco State University, their journey here was strictly focused on their academic strengths; on the contrary mine was rather more complex with many obstacles along the way testing my physical and mental limits as well. The physical battles I faced as early on as age 13 began with my frequent hospitalizations followed by a diagnosis of various chronic gastrointestinal illnesses that I continue to struggle with hourly as of today. The intense mental conflicts I endured arose throughout the years directly stemmed from my diagnosis and led to an incredible influx of emotions I would now be experiencing alongside those of an “average” teenager. Soon after I began high school I came to the realization of the countless misunderstandings I would encounter over the years dealing with what seemed to be quite an insurmountable set of circumstances in my childish eyes. As I entered my second year of high school I had inquired about graduating with a diploma one full year ahead of my class in order to escape the many painstaking months I saw ahead of me as I was also learning to accept using the term ‘chronic’ into my daily vocabulary. Setting those various battles aside, along the way I managed to find reading as writing as an outlet for my inner thoughts and the rising frustration I faced attempting to prove to myself and the copious amount of people in my life who evidently doubted my strengths.
Although I was being continuously doubted by my close family and friends only drove me to pursue my goal of accelerating my schooling even further. As I entered the summer after my sophomore year I immediately enrolled in seven rigorous academic online courses that would soon count for my junior year ent...

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...g away posing complex philosophical questions and journaling my inner thoughts to allow myself a positive way to express myself. Throughout the many different literature courses I found myself growing in depth through effective word choices and my ability to relate to my audience by communicating the many hardships I conquered along my journey.
Given that my past experiences whether positive or negative have influenced my ability to write tremendously; I strive to set an example for other students combatting difficult situations that may prevent them from learning. The increased adaptability I gained from graduating early while balancing the most unpredictable conditions matured me as a writer as well as a young individual. Journaling became an essential tool for me to release the overwhelming emotions that tend to feel very lonely and confining from day to day.

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