Physical And Alternative Therapy For Sports Injuries And Musculoskeletal Disorders

Physical And Alternative Therapy For Sports Injuries And Musculoskeletal Disorders

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In 1973, Dr. Kenso Kase created Kinesiology Tape (KT-Tape) in order to reduce physiology effects such as pain, joint misalignment, and to further support the range of motion in muscles (Kase et al., 1998). Since then the fields of physical and alternative therapy have been using it to complement their patient’s exercise programs. This form of treatment has been found promising for sport injuries and musculoskeletal disorders, but also as treatment for side effects of cancer (Smykla, 2013).
In addition, the tape’s popularity comes from the fact that it can be worn from one to four days before reapplication is needed. This is in comparison to compression bandages that must be reapplied once, or even more than once, a day (Kase et al., 2003). The method of application is also quite different from compression bandages. Athletic trainers and physical therapists use compression bandages to keep the patient’s injured joint from swelling. In juxtaposition, KT-tape is used to stimulate a muscle movement such as flexion or extension while attempting to prevent swelling or any other painful symptoms of injury. To accomplish this the tape is wrapped around the intended muscle with a 15-50% tension until the ends of the strip where the tape is split and the tension is reduced (Kase et al., 2003). In doing this treatment is stimulating just the muscle that needs to be strengthened or the joint that needs to be realigned.
The layman’s claim from, “Improve Performance with Kinesiology Tape,” written by Bentz Tozer states that kinesiology tape functions to support muscles by allowing them to contract when fatigued, limiting joint misalignment, and reducing pain. This claim is supported through several scientific articles pertaining to...

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