Physical Activity Is Not Just About Weight Essay

Physical Activity Is Not Just About Weight Essay

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When someone talks about physical activity, the first thing that comes to mind is lifting heavy weights, hitting the gym, and doing crazy strenuous activities. Most people think it not important and too involving, not knowing the simple things that was done to make our lives better. Some people dont know what walking a few miles can do for you? the Majority of people have no idea. There are very many benefits in doing the lightest of physical activity. Physical activity can help save your life or someone’s lives in many ways, for example,” lowered high blood pressure, control diabetes. Physical activity is not just about weight . It has more benefits and cannot be ignored. This essay is to informed people of some many benefits of doing physical activity daily as well the basic forms of activity that should be done daily. Doing physical exercise comes with many benefits. These benefits could be physical,activitie which help you regain strength in your body after have a storke or some other of mental health problem, or a social problem . The benefits are also short -term as well as long term. There are many forms of physical activity, including muscle stretching, aerobic, stretching, and bone stretching. Aerobic exercise is important for the lungs and heart. Some of the aerobic exercises include swimming running, bicycling, dancing, as well as doing jumps. On the other hand, muscle-stretching activities such as push -ups, sit-up, climbing stairs, lifting the weight and doing garden The other benefit of physical exercise is on metabolic health. With regular working out and being more mobile this will help to ensure that some ill condition doesn’t attack your body, regular excei...

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...iseases, popularly known as the lifestyle or non- communicable diseases. Some beneficial reasons for doing physical activity is on the cardiorespiratory heath. Cardiorespiratory health includes the benefits to the lungs, the heart, the blood vessels .In the United States, today, stroke and other heart diseases are known to be the leading cause of death, the risk factor for these diseases include high blood pressure, smoking, and low physical fitness, the people who do vigorous or moderate exercise tend to have lowered chance of getting these cardiovascular diseases. These makes it important that one performs some physical activity to put an end to these dangerous diseases. Instead of sitting and watching television take walk, buy a dog and take it for walk, park your car two block from hour job and walk the rest of the way, that would get your heart moving more.,

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