Phraseology: Language and Success in Life Essay

Phraseology: Language and Success in Life Essay

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I would like to think that I arrived at where I am today because of my good looks, but that would be far from the truth. I’m a quiet person with average looks, and I usually do not get noticed when walking out in public. My experiences have molded me into the person that I am today. Those experiences were created through the different forms of language that I used. Language has empowered me to be the success that I consider myself to be today. I have used language to gained social acceptance, work in professional environments, and encourage other.
Social acceptance is an integral part of being human. To our ancestors, social acceptance was necessary for their survival. In more recent times, people have come to feel safe and protected when they belong to a group. (Social Acceptance and Rejection: The Sweet and the Bitter) I have made my own personal advances at being socially accepted by using several methods of language for my individual circumstances. I learned to speak differently with friends, classmates, and employees. I am fortunate to have a wide variety of friends with diverse backgrounds and ethnicity. I was not that privileged when I was younger. I was raised in middle class family and I was limited to the type of people that I could associate with as a little girl. As I grew older, my mother’s employer requested her to move from one state to the next. These moves allowed me to not only see more of our country but to meet a wider variety of people. Each time we relocated, I had to learn how to communicate differently to procure friendships. As an example, when I lived in Ohio I could ask for a pop, but while I was in Texas the common word was coke. Not the kind of coke as in Coca-Cola, but a generic word...

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