Phrase 1 Introduction Medical Terms

Phrase 1 Introduction Medical Terms

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I choose the medical coder because I enjoy the field of nursing. I enjoy helping the elderly in the nursing home. With the medical transcripts or coder a person can work from their own home, it really acquires some training, patience. Working at home generally get paid 10-15 per transcript that may take up to an hour to complete. Once a person gets the hang of it you may be able to knock out 2 easy ones in an hour the individual have to be reliable and get them done on time.
I choose this career choice because to help the insurance company to get right medical code on paper and on the patient chart. I have heard and read news article on misdiagnose of patient. Where a patient was schedule for surgery to get the infected right foot cut off. Instead of this he got his left foot cut off. The physician had to cut off the right infected foot. Now the patient is without both feet because of the physician mistake. ("Huffington Post", 2010)
The medical professionals have their own language because so the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals can relate the information to each party without having all the confusing. Learning the medical terminology is very impartment because to help the patient to understand their illness better. Also learning the medical terminology is given the patient the knowledge they deserve and to help with the medical claims to go faster with the insurance computer. To learn the medical terminology is to slow down all the errors to the medical words. (Land, 2003)
Sometimes learning the medical terminology is among the endless abbreviations used in medicine. Some ways we use the medical terminology to distance ourselves from unbearable degree of emotion. The benefit of using medical terminology it has own universal language, so different countries can communicate with one common language. Medical terminology is driven from the Latin and Greek.
The disadvantages I can think of are speaking to patients or others in a language that is foreign to them. There is a lot of adequate medical language study to prepare students for the extensive knowledge needed to communicate and comprehend the language effectively as they go though the educational process and they go though the function of the medical field.

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