Photosynthesis Of The Sun 's Energy Through A Process Called Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis Of The Sun 's Energy Through A Process Called Photosynthesis

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I. Photosynthetic organisms are those who convert the sun’s energy through a process called photosynthesis. They are also referred to as autotrophs. These organisms include plants, algae, and some bacteria. These organisms take in energy from the sun and water. They then complete the steps of photosynthesis and produce oxygen and glucose. All living organisms on earth require oxygen to survive. Plants provide a continuous supply of oxygen for these organisms. Without plants, there would be less oxygen molecules present in the atmosphere, creating a potential threat to organisms that require oxygen.
a. The photosynthetic organisms use their internal makeup to carry out the process of photosynthesis. Their makeup is different from that of organisms such as animals. Plant and algae cells contain chloroplasts where photosynthesis takes place. The light reactions of photosynthesis drive the transformation of solar energy into ATP. The chloroplasts of plants contain pigment molecules (chlorophyll) which are responsible for capturing the light from the sun. This energy is referred to as excitation energy. Once the excitation energy is detained, it is then transported throughout the chlorophyll molecules. The energy is taken to the reaction center; also know as a chlorophyll A molecule. Here, an electron from the energy is transferred from the reaction center to an electron receptor. The energy is now missing an electron. This causes the molecule to replace it with an electron from a water molecule, producing oxygen.
Once the electron is displaced from the reaction center, it is moved through the electron transport system. Through this phase, the energy from the electron is funneled into small amounts that can be used. These small amoun...

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...f proteins is enacted by the release of ATP energy. Also, ATP is responsible for providing the energy to make muscular movements. The energy causes the muscle fibers to rub together and make the movements of the muscular tissue. Without a supply of glucose to make the ATP, these vital processes would not take place. This means that cells would not be able to maintain internal homeostasis. Their balance of molecules such as potassium and sodium would be thrown out of order. Also, it would not be able to make the proteins necessary and could not carry out the chemical processes needed. This would cause the failure of cells, resulting in the failure of the organism. This would also result in the organism’s inability to move the muscular tissue as well as the movement of cells. The immobility of cells would inhibit the performance of bodily functions.
(Johnson 2012)

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