Photography Skills From Middle School Essay

Photography Skills From Middle School Essay

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Moving on to the present time Blake now in high school, getting ready for his last year of high school everyone was older. Blake had worked on his photography skills from middle school when he took a photography class. Once high school started he knew he would take more classes to advance his skills and enjoy what he liked to do he always carried a camera he had received for his birthday after he had shown his parents he could take pictures. This camera meant a lot to him, he enjoyed capturing the events of things that shined to him. David his best friend was still a computer geek but was always busy with his studies as he knows he would have to work hard in his field to do what he wanted to do in the future. They would see each other in school but once school ended for the day he would go and bury himself in his room. During one of the biggest day for school Blake woke up excited to go to class, he realized he didn’t do his photography homework yet because he couldn’t find the right moment to capture. His homework assignment was to get a picture that was out of the ordinary he didn’t have time to find anything the day before. He gets ready and heads to school at seven in the morning he calls David and tells him to get ready now so he can go and take picture where every he gets the idea of something for his class. He goes outside and sees David still half asleep and notices this weird butterfly flying around his yard with these light blue wings and takes his camera out and takes a picture of it standing still on a flower. It fly’s away and he is happy that he spotted it because he took a picture of it flying away and knew that it would get him a decent grade. He remembers that he had once seen a butterfly like that before, but doe...

... middle of paper ... has a great night. Everyone stands up and starts cheering on yelling knight repeatedly and louder Blake sees and feels the energy the crowd is giving out and he decided to take a picture of the students and the marching band and the student council as they are all cheering on and takes a picture that captures that scene. 2 minutes after the crowd has calmed down Blake notices that a food fight was about to be begin at Adam the bully from before had grabbed his plate and throw it at one of the students causing him to get hit and throw his and hit someone else. Adam the bully who use to pick on them was one of the biggest trouble maker his life through him into a life of drugs drinking, robbing from people he was a force to be. He hung out with the wrong crowd of people and he breaks rules and laws all the time to prove that he is the most badass person people know.

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