Essay on Photography 's Expanded Field By George Baker

Essay on Photography 's Expanded Field By George Baker

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Photography’s Expanded Field
George Baker is an American art historian who is mainly known for his writings on photography. He is still alive and is employed as a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles and an editor of the journal October. Baker studied his undergrad at Yale and got his Ph.D. from Columbia University. He has five different publications. The article, Photography’s Expanded Field was written in the October journal in 2005 and was published by MIT press. The title of the article gives a clear understanding of what the article is going to be about. It explains the expansion of photography from post modern to the digital age. The author opens up the article with an understanding of how he views photography, this gives the reader an initial idea about what to expect in the coming paragraphs. There is no specific thesis statement that is clearly displayed to a reader, the thesis statement is built through more of a general understanding of the first couple paragraphs of Baker’s article. Baker demonstrates his exact thoughts through maps and diagrams, this gives the reader a clearer picture of the complex thoughts he is expressing. He analyzes different artists and their works and breaks down what he sees in these diagrams in order to help him fully understand what he is seeing. He also researches and finds that the photographers’ work is dependent on cinema. The reason Baker researches photographers’ works is because he wants to prove that photography is not a simple or easy to understand concept, it is very advanced and complex and needs extensive research to understand.
Baker is a professional and that is apparent in his writings. Baker maintains a very static and professional tone throughout his artic...

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... and why it was important. Show the reader that the paper was meaningful and useful. A writer should synthesize, and not summarize. It is important not to repeat things that were already stated once, because that sounds repetitive and a reader does not like to read the same thing time and time again. Also a conclusion should create a new meaning. One does not have to give all new information to create a new meaning, by demonstrating how the ideas work together, creates a new picture. Also, bringing the reader back to the theme that is introduced in the introduction. This strategy brings the reader back to a full circle. For example, if a writer begins with a scenario they can finish with the same scenario. There were many different techniques that Baker could have used in order to make his concluding paragraphs more successful and easy to understand for the readers.

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