Essay about The Photography And Film Industries Today

Essay about The Photography And Film Industries Today

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In today’s day and age, we take even the simple things, like photography and film, for granted. Everything has become more user friendly, simpler, and faster by changing over to the digital realm. Photographers and film makers from the 20th century had it a lot harder than we do today. They basically had to do everything manually; even including something as small as flash photography. Both pictorialism and film play an important role in documenting events in the world around which we live, though have very different meanings when it comes to their expressions of art styles. This paper will examine the works of D.W. Griffith and Alfred Stieglitz, and cover how pictorialism and film changed how we as a society view the photography and film industries today.
Since the 20th century, film has become a powerful media that is used to influence the lifestyles and behaviors of the people who view them. Film is a sort of escape from everyday life for the normal person nowadays, but it was also used to capture what was happening throughout the world. Due to the rise of technology, film has become a more enjoyable experience nowadays. First of all, it’s cheaper to purchase digital film, rather than film spools, which also meant higher production for the buyers. While this may be true, film was truly most powerful and productive during the war years. Movies made during this time offered an escape from war life, also offered entertainment with themes of patriotism and morale boosters, among other things.
Among these film makers was a man named D.W. Griffith. In 1908, Griffith had just entered the wonderful world of the film making industry. Before he decided to be a filmmaker, he was an actor under the NYC film companies, Edison and Biograp...

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...captures life as it happens, from birthdays, to proposals, weddings, to births, and many different special events. Without film, some of the most special moments , even if photos were taken at the same time, would be forgotten; a distant memory. With the creation of the cell phone, both film and photos can be taken at any time nowadays, which brings the reality of photographs and films becoming less and less of a finer art, since basically everyone has access to these forms of medium now. Also, with all the new filters and distortions that cell phones have accessible to the modern day photo, it is now become a debate whether or not cell phone photography should even be taken seriously at all. While there isn’t as much dramatic edits or films about war nowadays, the film and pictorialism era of the 20th century shaped how we as a society view pictures and films today.

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