Essay about The Photo Of Black And White Filter

Essay about The Photo Of Black And White Filter

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The photo is set in black and white, there is a young African American man standing in the middle of a busy city street, while two white cops face him each holding a dog tightly in hand. One of the dogs is posed mid-attack getting ready to sink his teeth into the boy, the crowd of onlookers is still watching silently as the scene unfolds. This photo was one of many that were taken during a time of protest and pandemonium and the powerful message it presented in the past is still one that resonates with people to this day. The image serving as a reminder that police brutality is a problem society still faces today.
Considering that this photo is dated, it 's very easy to shrug off some of the major components that make its message so powerful. For example, if one were to briefly look it over they would make the correlation that old photo equals black and white filter. But what if the black and white filter was meant to symbolize more? In photography it 's often used as a tool of focus, canceling out the cacophony of color and bringing to focus what the message is really trying to convey. On the other hand it also can be a tool to symbolize dissolution, showcasing two antagonistic sides.
Notice the woman in the photo, look how she is gazing back at the scene her eyes hooded, brows furrowed. Her bodied is poised with tension and maybe a little disdain, imagine how she must have felt in the moment. The frustration of seeing something so inhumane happen right in front of her and knowing that there was nothing to be done.
In the background there is a young man wearing what seems to be a flat cap, his expression is different than that of the older woman, where she was exuding frustration he resembles a deer caught in head...

... middle of paper ...

...t people are able to look at the scene and be transported to the streets, like Baltimore, Florida, Ferguson all places that similar events took place. It should be a disappointment to people that this subject matter is something that has not been left in the past, instead not only making itself present in the past but also in the present.
Therefore ‘We must be the change we want to see in the world’ must become a motto for the people, The black and white photo of the boy being attacked by the police should serve as a reminder to everyone that police brutality is a major problem in society still to this day; and in order to further fight that injustice people must first take responsibility for not only their actions but the actions of those in their community. When society is able to do that there is no doubt that the issue of police brutality will be resolved.

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