Phone Calls And Client Appreciation Essay

Phone Calls And Client Appreciation Essay

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Your leads may originate on the Internet, but they do not have to stay that way. Through phone calls, client appreciation events and seminars, you can reach out to clients directly. Increase your conversion rates by using these tips to pitch to prospective clients.

1. The Elevator Pitch

Practice Your Pitch for Gaining and Retaining Prospects

In the hectic modern world, people do not have time to listen patiently for a long lecture. For many people, an elevator pitch of two minutes or less is all that they want to listen to. If you want to gain the interest of a prospect in just a few minutes, you must practice the elevator pitch. Use a tape recorder, a smartphone or a mirror to practice the way that you will talk to the prospect. You need to explain your business, the benefits of working with you and your passion in 120 seconds. If it takes longer than this, keep working at your pitch until you can do it in two minutes or less.

2. Speed

Respond Immediately to Any Inquiries

The average insurance agent takes two days to return a call or an e-mail from a prospective client. When it comes to garnering new prospects, this is far too long. According to a study, agents who called back within one minute of getting the lead had a 391 percent higher chance of getting the sale. This is because the prospect is currently looking for a product, and they want it immediately. If you are the first person to respond to them, you are the company that will get their business.

3. Be Accessible

Use Multiple Contact Options for Easy Accessibility

While the younger generation wants to e-mail their questions, older clients are more interested in using the phone or snail mail. If you are able to utilize every communication me...

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...rates. Write down any information that was discussed so that you can easily recall it when you call the prospect again. Likewise, leave yourself a note that reminds you to contact them again. Before you call any client, make sure to read through your notes so that you do not end up repeating the same information.

10. Plan B

Prepare Alternative Techniques to Ensure Success

Some people are extremely resistant to the idea of being recruited online or on the phone. For a softer touch, try asking leads to attend a seminar or workshop. You could also invite them to a client appreciation event to make them instantly feel like a part of your growing organization.

Keep careful records of every lead and make sure to follow up. By tracking every lead and using these techniques, you can increase your conversion rate and ensure that every potential client is contacted.

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