Phobias: The Irrational Fear

Phobias: The Irrational Fear

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Phobias: The Irrational Fear

Phobias are irrational fear to a person, place or object and they are classified as an anxiety disorder. There is a term for every phobia imaginable. Phobias affect approximately nineteen million individuals, with the fears ranging from blood to women and every thing in between. The symptoms one experiences when suffering with a phobia include profuse sweating, headaches, extreme nausea and a variety of other physical symptoms.

We all have our fears, rather it be flying or driving. However, when a phobia is present the individual has extreme irrational fears that interfere with their quality of life. For example a fear of heights may limit an individuals living or employment choices. If this individual is offered the job of a lifetime, however, the office is located on the twentieth floor; they will refuse the job due to the fear of heights.

A fear of bridges can make traveling extremely miserable for many individuals with the thought of crossing a bridge and not being in control of the situation. The majority of reported phobias are in relation to common every day objects or situations. When an individual is suffering with a phobia, they only know they have the fear, most cannot explain why, they simply know that they are fearful of the situation. Phobias can quickly disrupt the quality of life, as many individuals become so fearful of the possibility of an encounter and/or the anxiety attack that follows; they completely shut down at times.

Treatment is available and extremely helpful for those suffering with a phobia. Medications and therapy both work well in the majority of cases. In a majority of cases a portion of the therapy is dedicated to causal exposure to the phobia. The exposure is gradually increased until the individual is comfortable in the situation without experiencing an anxiety attack. Group therapy is also beneficial as the individual is exposed to other suffering through the same fears.

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Many times a group therapy will introduce the individual to ideas learned from others to work through the attacks. Medications are prescribed for most cases as many of these individuals are also suffering with depression as a result of the phobia. Many are fearful of leaving their homes to attend any kind of treatment; however, the anti depressants usually prescribed will often times make it possible for the individual to leave the residence for treatment.

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