Philosphy of Special Education

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Philosophy of Special Education

I have known that I have wanted to become a special education teacher for almost three years. Over those three years I did lots of hands on experience with special education students. This past semester though I learned more in a semester about special education than I have in the past two and half years. Intro to Exceptional has taught me a lot of good information about laws, rules, and regulations of special education.
I believe that inclusion is necessary for a child to prosper in society. I think that it is a great learning experience for both the special education student and their peers in the class. I think they both can learn a lot from each other. I also believe though if the student has a severe enough problem where learning in a regular setting would not benefit them I believe they should be placed in a setting where learning is most beneficial. Inclusion is a very good thing when it is used right where both the special education student and their peers can both learn from each other and still not be distracted from their studies.
Being in Intro to Exceptional this semester and being a teacher?s assistant was a great experience. This class really helped me understand the students better. For example, in class we talked about the reward system with students. One student in my class had a hard time staying focused and getting his homework done. He always worked with me so I set up a deal with the teacher and if he finished his workbook by the time I was done with TA then he and I could have a game day. After that reward was set he did great.

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Everyday he would work harder and harder because he knew when he was done he would get a free day. I think that this is an excellent method if used right.
After taking this class I want to be a special education teacher more than ever. Actually, I can not wait until I have my own classroom. I am very glad I got to have this class and learn more about exception children.

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