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Two Great Philosophers and their Principal Theories Sigmund Schlomo Freud was an Austrian neurologist born on May 06, 1856. Freud is know as the father of psychoanalysis, his theories of the unconscious mind and repression. Freud created the clinical method of psychoanalysis to investigate and treat psychopathology. Freud understood the workings of the human brain. He was intrigued by it, I believe that was one of the reasons he was a neurologist. Freud came from a poor family of eight children and he was favored over his other siblings the most. His parents sacrificed for his education regardless of being poor. Freud went to a preteigous high school and graduated with honors. Freud studied under great philosopher’s, Darwinist Prof and Karl Claus at the medical University of Vienna. Freud admired many philosopher of his time, but brought Fredrich Nietzsche collected works when he passed away only to read not study, basically to put his beliefs and spins on Nietzsche. Freud went on a traveling fellowship to Paris to study with the most sought after neurologist, St. Jean-Martin Charcott. Jean Martin Charcott was studying hypnosis to cure mental illness. Hypnosis was not something Freud admired, and this experience turned his career towards the “school of thought”. Freud opened his own medical practice, for neurology and also married. Freud was well know for a patient named Anna “O”, who inspired the psychoanalytic “talking cure”. The talking cure is still used this day as the basis of psychoanalysis. Many psychologist during Freud's early studies, felt the talking cure method was stupid and that it did not cure patient's, but Freud through his research brought repressed thought's and feelings into consciousness in order to fr... ... middle of paper ... ...was of Jude-Christianity, but in impulses from life, basically you follow whatever is going on in your head, weather it is good or evil. Nietzsche work has influenced the idea of European power of man to dominate and master. His teachings were to identify and be yourself regardless of the typically morals of the world. My learning more about Nietzsche teachings has me a little vexed, but people like Nietzsche feed the Anglo-Saxon's power even more, and slavery is something that goes down generation to generation because of teachings like Nietzsche. The idea of super man has influenced war's and the presence that man can hold all the power in their hands. Nietzsche was very sickly and contracted syphilis which drove him to become crazy, so some attribute his works to craziness, but we can not deny his ideas, and that is why Nietzsche writings are still studied today.

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