Philosophy Teaches Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills Essay example

Philosophy Teaches Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills Essay example

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When a person studies philosophy, he or she can expect to? Have a better understanding of how to ponder the questions at hand. Philosophy is like a mathematical formula, in order to find the answers one must have evidence to support it. How one determines two separate opinions would be based on facts or the way one could persuade a person into imagining it from their point of view. I believe philosophy is trying to prove your answers with whatever means necessary, whether it is using fear tactics, arguments, assumptions, facts or fallacies to prove your point. Philosophy will help us become better critical thinkers, problem solvers, and assessors. To be a successful philosopher one must have an open-mind and be able to understand all the terminology that comes with it. Learning philosophy should help in whatever field we decide to go into, the question itself is very broad and could also entail much speculation. In the reading thus far, I am already questioning my ability to learn this. I honestly had no idea what philosophy was until this week. I can see where it co...

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