Essay about Philosophy Q&A

Essay about Philosophy Q&A

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I believe that many people would state two unique connections between happiness and technology. One connection is that more technology equals more happiness; while the other is less technology equals more happiness. I can see how each side of this position could be logically defended. On one side, technological advances could potentially make us solely dependent on technology, thus establishing some sort of symbiotic relationship where technology and the users of technology depend on each other. This is a problem because we are not free to live a natural independent life. On the other side, technology is, or theoretically could, be made so reliable, that we could completely depend on it and not have to rely on ourselves. Thus freeing ourselves to let technology aid us or even do things for us, which would give our lives the potential to be more productive, enjoyable, and easier.

I take the position between these two opposite positions, and define a connection where equilibrium is achieved between an over-reliance on technology, and lost opportunities where technology could have improved our existence. An axiom supporting this definition should also be stated – improvement of one’s existence is dependent upon the circumstances of that existence and is considered an improvement only if it enhances a person’s capacity to be oneself. For example, a farmer might benefit from the improvement afforded him by a technologically advanced tractor, which directly enhances his productivity and thus enhances his ability to farm, which in turn increases his capacity, or nature to be a farmer. On the other hand, a 104’’ flat screen TV would typically be considered an enhancement to one’s life, but in this example, the farmer does n...

... middle of paper ... and cell phones. The increasing rapidity of the information age affects not only the technology itself, but also the business environment it is developed in. In many cases management doesn’t understand their employees’ need to identify with their work; which is in a way a need for a craftsmen mentality. For example, a colonial blacksmith had a chance to become an appreciated master at his craft, while the employees in Office Space were tossed aside for cheaper and younger labor.

Office Space demonstrated the need for firms to truly appreciate their employees and to be a company deserving of legitimate loyalty, instead of cultivating dissatisfaction through rote mission statements and slogans. In Office Space, the more these meaningless gestures were put forth, the less the employees felt like accepting them and even went so far as to actively react to them.

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